I was born in Edmonton, Canada, just 14 miles south of the North Pole, and spent my childhood in the Yukon, Swaziland and Malawi , lost in Europe, Los Angeles, and Irvine, where I purchased a degree in Theater so I am completely qualified to work as a server at mid-level restaurants.   You’ll find me in LA. I have dual-citizenship so I’m frequently seen crossing the border in order to obtain Canadian chocolate bars, available without a prescription.

At the age of 10 my mother saw an ad in the local paper asking if her child had hair on his toes.  This resulted in me spending the summer in a melted hockey rink as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.  I’ve been acting ever since, and still have relatively hairy feet.

I come with a full set of children, one of each, who now keep me busy doing play-by-play for their many sporting events.  Carter, 22, hacks your computer for Amazon and  Amanda (Panda) is 19,and is something called an “influencer” on live-streaming apps, which we’re too old to understand.